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Termékeink tiszta forrásból, a Magyarországi importőrön keresztül érkeznek. Így biztosított csak a 2 év hivatalos garancia. Az Onkyo termékek esetében országos szerviz garancia biztosított, így Önnek egy esetleges meghibásodáskor a terméket a legközelebbi szervizbe fogják szakszerűen megjavítani, megfelelő termék, és alkatrész támogatással. Termékeinket ingyenesen a Royal Sprint futárszolgálat szállítja házhoz a legnagyobb odafigyeléssel, hogy ne sérüljön meg a kedvenc új terméke hazaérkezése előtt. Onkyo T-433 Rádió TunerAutomatikus FM/AM hangolás
Frekvenciamenet: 20Hz-15kHz, +/-1,5dB
FM jel/zaj: 70dB sztereó, 76dB mono
THD (sztereo/mono): 0,3/0,2% (1kHz)
Sztereo áthallás: 45dB (1kHz)
AM jel/zaj: 50dB
30 FM/AM programmemória
Accuclock funkció
A-933 távirányító kompatibilis
5-időzítő üzemmód beállításai (Sleep/Play/Rec/Once/Every)
Merev, rezonanciamentes ház
Kék FL kijelző
Csiszolt alumínium előlap
Méret (SzéxMéxMa): 275x309x78mm T-433 Without a doubt, digital technology is making some noise in the audio industry. But rest assured that any noise -particularly signal noise - is noticeably absent from the A-933 integrated amplifier and C-733 CD player thanks to Onkyo’s commitment to promoting the cleanest signals through its proprietary technologies like VL Digital, VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Technology) and Direct Digital Path. The A-933’s dual toroidal power transformers and thick bus plate support a large, stable flow of current and also work to reduce impedance. The C-733 CD player’s impressive engineering enables a super signal-to-noise ratio ensuring supreme playback quality. Capping off this series is the T-433 FM/AM RDS tuner, which uses RDS and Accuclock to deliver radio frequencies that will surprise you with their precision and clarity. Use these components
as they best meet your needs.
  • Automatic FM/AM Scan Tuning
  • 30 FM/AM Presets
  • RDS (CT/PS/RT)
  • Accuclock Function
  • A-933 Remote Control Compatible
  • 5-Timer Mode Settings (Sleep/Play/Rec/Once/Every)
  • Hi-R igidity, Anti-Resonant Chassis
  • Blue FL Display
  • Brushed Hairline Aluminum Front Panel
        O nkyo's new 275 series hi-fi separates A-933 integrated amplifier Onkyo has renewed its commitment to the stereo separates market with the launch of a new line of 275mm wide (hence the 275 series moniker) two-channel stereo components. Heading up the newcomers is the A-933 integrated amplifier , designed and built to the company's traditional battleship-like standards with a 1.6mm thick high rigidity aluminium chassis. It's also remote controlled (using a RI-compatible remote that'll also operate an iPod via the upcoming Onkyo dock ), and offers a full range of gentle acting tone controls (plus a Source Direct mode) plus A/B speaker outputs and a full complement of connections. As well as the expected CD, tuner, MD, tape and aux inputs, this amplifier also sports a moving magnet phono stage for those who cherish music on vinyl as well as a headphone output. Thanks to Main In phono jacks the A-933 can also be used a power amplifier while a subwoofer output allows extra flexibility when it comes to considering loudspeaker options. The A-933's power output is a healthy 80 watts per channel (8ohms, 1kHz, DIN). C-733 CD player The power supply uses low impedance dual toroidal power transformers - one for each channel - plus a thick bus plate for high current delivery capability. Furthermore, by keeping the transistors separate at the output stage cooling is enhanced so that the amplifier remains relatively unstressed and unwanted audio interference is minimised. Designed to reproduce music stored on CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 as well as standard CD, the C-733 CD player provides a highly musical source for the A-933 to amplify. Featuring multi-bit sigma delta Wolfson 192kHz/24-bit DACs, this player is said to offer a remarkably good sense of timing thanks to its inherently low clock jitter and digital servo control system. T-433 FM/AM tuner The C-733 also features a newly developed precision loading mechanism specifically to reduce vibration levels on CD transports to new lows, something that has an immediate benefit for disc stability, and consequently sound quality. Two optical outputs are fitted as well as the expected analogue types and there's VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry) in place to reduce damaging digital pulse noise. Sharing the same family styling, high rigidity chassis and brushed aluminium fascia as the other components in this series, the T-433 FM/AM tuner , available as an option, offers top quality listening on FM channels as well as AM broadcasts. Tuning is fully automated with 30 presets, while a five mode timer allows the unit to come on at pre-determined times and function as a wake-up alarm. All three products will be avilable later this month a retail price of £500 for the A-933, £400 for the C-733 and £300 for the T-433. For more information visit: www. onkyo. co. uk Így is ismerheti: T 433, T433
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